Noise Assessment

Minimize Noise Exposure

Loud noise created from machinery and other industrial processes risks damaging your employee’s hearing and creates an unsafe work environment. Our staff at Safety Controls Technology can help identify exposed worker populations and develop comprehensive strategies to mitigating noise for your employees. SCT will develop a monitoring plan and conduct an onsite analysis for noise exposures. Once we have completed our monitoring, we will issue a detailed report identifying your exposures and propose practical recommendations to reduce and eliminate risk.

We provide two types of monitoring; Personal dosimetry and Noise Mapping. We also conduct hearing tests with our mobile test van and our clinic as well as training on the subject.

Protection From Noise Is Required by OSHA

While noise may not seem like a big hazard like lead or asbestos, it can significantly reduce the quality of your employee’s life due to irreversible hearing loss. That’s why it is important to identify the sources of excess noise exposure and adopt the appropriate mitigation techniques. SCT has worked in a variety of industries and has helped develop unique and adaptable strategies for each one of our clients and we can do the same for you.