Change Analysis

Navigating Change in the Workplace

Changes in the workplace happen frequently. Despite these implementing changes, small or transformational, can be a difficult process. If a change strategy cannot be confidently implemented this can result in not only decreased productivity, but it can potentially lead to costly accidents and employee injuries.

That’s why Safety Controls Technology is leading the industry when it comes to change analysis. Our professional staff can explore the nature of change to your business to implement strategies for making it successful.

We provide our expertise review in many different situations including:

  • Machine guarding upgrades and modifications
  • Training needs assessment
  • New chemical safety review
  • Procedure development and implementation
  • Flammable storage analysis

Get Help Anticipating Change

SCT can help you in optimizing your workflow, reorganizing your business processes, or implementing structural changes. Our goal is to help you streamline whatever changes are necessary to keep your employees safe and ensure regulatory compliance. We can equip your team with the right tools and resources so the changes can be adopted as effectively and safely as possible.

Get the expertise to assist in problem-solving changes to your facility. Whether this change comes from expansion, changing facilities, or just improving the efficiency of your current facility we are here to help.

We can help anticipate the changes from regulatory compliance, safety risks, to employee communication whether you make changes to your facility, workflow, or staffing.

Experts in the Field

Portrait of Tim Gordon

Tim Gordon, CIH, CSP

Sr. Occ Safety and Health Consultant

Portrait of Jay Medlock

Jay Medlock, ASP, CSP

Director of Compliance Services

Portrait of Kelly Baker

Kelly Baker

Director of General Industry Services

Portrait of Joseph Ventura

Joseph Ventura

Sr. Occ Safety and Health Consultant

Portrait of Ted Bobak

Ted Bobak, MS, P.E., CSP

Vice President of Safety & Environmental Services