Site Specific Safety Plan (3SP)

Detailed Site Specific Safety Plan

Developing a Site Specific Safety Plan or 3SP is essential for minimizing risk and accidents at specific job sites. It is essential to complete before any new project can safely begin. Our 3SP is also designed to be continuously maintained and modified if the environment or scope of your project changes.

Our 3SP has helped clients provide a game plan to keep their crews safe and set expectations to ensure confidence with the general contractor. If you need a 3SP plan document to be drafted before you start your next project, contact Safety Controls Technology today!

Essential Safety Details Outlined

The 3SP outlines every aspect of your forthcoming job so that you know who to contact should a specific emergency or situation arise. Our complete process will detail the following:

  • Specific site safety requirements – This will outline any specific requirements instituted by the project owner, general contractors, or construction managers. Each requirement will be documented so no questions are heading into construction. We will work with your team to develop a job safety analysis to identify important risks and appropriate actions to take.
  • Project details – During this process we will detail all of the necessary experts for the project, including name, addresses, contact information, management, and relative experts in the fields you will be working in as needed.
  • Scope of work – This aspect will detail the job, tasks, and duties that you will be undertaking while on the job site. It may also detail aspects that your crew may not undertake. Often this can be taken from your existing contract.

Experts in the Field

Portrait of Dennis Hobart

Dennis Hobart

Director of Construction Services

Portrait of Joseph Ventura

Joseph Ventura

Sr. Occ Safety and Health Consultant