Contractor Onboarding

Safety Is Our Primary Goal

There is a lot to do when it is time to start a project. Safety Controls Technology is there to develop and administer your contractor safety orientation. Everyone who is involved with the project must be familiar with the safety protocols and needs that are associated with your project. We will lead orientation to managers, visitors, contractors, and sub-contractors for anyone requiring onsite access.

Our professional team will also document and archive any organization records from your project, and we can even be contracted to develop a unique and comprehensive presentation if you require one.

Address and Eliminate Hazards

Field Inspections are often required as part of your contractual obligations to the project. They are usually, but not always, carried out during construction. Our team will perform a variety of tasks during our field inspections including ensuring that all materials adhere to the site plan and participating in project meetings.

Experts in the Field

Portrait of Dennis Hobart

Dennis Hobart

Director of Construction Services

Portrait of Joseph Ventura

Joseph Ventura

Sr. Occ Safety and Health Consultant

Portrait of Ted Bobak

Ted Bobak, MS, P.E., CSP

Vice President of Safety & Environmental Services

Portrait of Jay Medlock

Jay Medlock, ASP, CSP

Director of Compliance Services