Kelly Baker

Kelly Baker

Director of General Industry Services

Kelly Baker has been an integral part of SCT’s General Industry Safety and Training Department since 2011. Ms. Baker specializes in machine guarding and lockout/tagout, developing solutions for complicated guarding matters and lockout concerns and serving as a recognized expert. As a part of the expert witness team, Ms. Baker has performed an integral role in preparing intentional tort, VSSR, and negligence cases. Ms. Baker routinely conducts gap analyses for clients to assist in the development of a more effective safety program, and frequently performs client-specific training.

She received a bachelor’s degree from Kent State University in 2002 and completed her master’s degree at Cleveland State University in 2004.

Ms. Baker enjoys working with the professionals at SCT, as the knowledge and experience of the team is not matched anywhere in the industry. She anticipates that future growth will continue to serve SCT clients well locally and nationwide.

Certifications and Training

  • Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer through Mid-America OSHA
  • Link Systems OSHA Requirements for Power Presses
  • Trained under James Washam, OSHA Region V Machine Guarding and Lockout Coordinator 2015 – 2018