Gail Grueser

Gail Grueser


SCT was co-founded in 1999 by President Gail Grueser. Under Gail’s leadership, SCT provides world-class comprehensive occupational safety and health solutions. Her vision is to build an organization that provides clients with the tools they need to meet OSHA compliance and standards.

Gail received a bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University and a master’s degree from Kent State University. She is a licensed substance abuse professional, social worker, and educator.

Ms. Grueser brings her passion for education and knowledge to her clients, ensuring they implement the highest standards of safety and care to their workplace.

She is responsible for the development and measurement of key performance indicators to monitor company operations. She works closely with senior staff to ensure proper policies are in place for effective administration.

Gail also directs SCT’s Occupational Health Services division, which provides training, medical monitoring, and drug screening.

She believes a collaborative, democratic team-building process is the best way to ensure results. She works closely with her team members and clients every step of the way and it is this approach to business that has enabled SCT to receive industry-wide recognition and keep the company growing.