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SCT provides review, guidance, and testimony services for legal teams regarding cases involving alleged workplace safety and health violations. Members of our expert witness team have been retained by legal counsel for plaintiffs, defendants and OSHA. SCT’s Safety Expert Witness team is headed by Robin Medlock, a former OSHA Area Director. Together, the team serves as OSHA expert witnesses as well as authorities on a variety of other safety topics.

Our team has provided testimony and expert opinion for some of the nation’s most reputable law firms that have resulted in favorable client rulings.

Our legal services include casefile research, conferencing input between attorney/client, comprehensive expert witness written reports, settlement negotiations, and courtroom testimonial.

Our experienced team has helped many law firms litigate different cases including:

  • Intentional Tort
  • Negligence
  • Violation of Specific Safety Standard (VSSR)

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Experts in the field

Rob Medlock

Senior Vice President
Rob Medlock, has been a part of SCT since the past 10 years. Under his direction, the team has assisted clients in overcoming costly OSHA citations and third-party claims.

Mr.Medlock worked with OSHA for 14 years in Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio. In 1991, he was selected as Area Director for the Cleveland Area OSHA Office where he served until his retirement in 2011. During his tenure as OSHA Area Director, Mr. Medlock has led his office in conducting more than 17,000 inspections and implemented several OSHA Emphasis Programs including a Construction Fall Hazard program which was adopted nationwide by OSHA.

Years of experience-

33 years of experience as an OSHA Employee
20 years as the Cleveland OSHA Area Director


Bachelors in Safety Management, Indiana State University

Chris Banyai, CSP

Occupational Safety Consultant
Chris Banyai specializes in Accident Investigations, Auditing, Employee Training, Safety Management, Risk Assessment, Lockout Tagout, Machine Guarding, and Mobile Equipment.

Mr.Bayai has mentored and developed skills of many manufacturing capabilities into roles that champion and drive risk mitigation. He has developed business wide guidance in identifying and addressing Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIF). He has also collaborated with many companies in safety management and reducing risk systematically from local sites to regional level to company wide.

Years of experience-



Bachelors in Safety Sciences, Indiana University of PA

Jay Medlock, ASP, CSP

Director of Compliance Services

Jay Medlock works with SCT’s team of experts on OSHA compliance cases, hazard abatement incidents, machine guarding, expert witness cases, and research.

Mr.Medlock has overseen many large-scale projects in our Construction Division, including glass furnace demolitions and reconstructions as well as sheild buliding projects for nuclear plants. He was also the Environmental Health and Safety Manager for Cuyahoga County, where he directed site safety audits, program development, and other responsibilities.

Years of experience-



Bachelors, Ohio University
Masters, Hult International Business School in London

Dennis Hobart

Director of Construction Services

Dennis Hobart has 18 years of experience in the field of trenching and excavating. He specialties in Gap Analysis, Incident investigation & OSHA representation.

In addition to his work in the field, Mr. Hobart has trained thousands of construction, industrial, municipal, and emergency workers in excavation safety and trench rescue. Mr. Hobart performs safety and health audits of trenching sites and is part of SCT’s safety and health training team, where he teaches OSHA 10/30 hour courses as well as trenching and excavating safety.

Years of experience-



Bachelors, University of Akron

Tim Gordon, CIH, CSP

Sr. Occ Safety and Health Consultant
Tim Gordon specializes in Exposure Assessment/IH Monitoring, Environment, Health & Safety Auditing and Safety & Health Management System Development.

Mr.Gordon has led a global behavioral safety initiative that resulted in a 37% reduction in injury rates in only 18 months. He developed strategies and direction of corporate safety & health management systems that led to a 90% reduction in injury rates over 20 years. Mr.Gordon also mentored numerous young colleagues who have gone on to great careers in the environment, health and safety profession as well as in manufacturing operations.

Years of experience-



Bachelor in Microbiology, University of Memphis
Masters in Environmental Science, Rutgers University

Kelly Baker

Director of General Industry Services

Kelly Baker is SCT's Machine Guarding and Lockout Tagout expert. She also specializes in Gap Analysis, Change analysis, OSHA Compliance Cases, and Expert Witness.

Ms.Baker has developed effective safety solutions and interim protective measures for clients requiring time and capital to complete long-term projects. She has provided clients with the knowledge to feel confident in navigating OSHA requirements. Ms.Baker has also given ongoing support to clients to assure that forward progress in safety program enhancements can continue without necessitating an on-site visit.

Years of experience-


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