At SCT, we believe that safety should be a priority at every price point. Our experts understand that concerns of a large company don’t necessarily match those of a small business. That’s why we have a dedicated Small Business Department focused on meeting the needs of small entrepreneurs everywhere.

Meet our Small Business Director:

Jay Medlock has been with SCT since 2011, when he started as a construction management safety technician. In that role he served as project and safety manager over multiple projects and led safety teams at nuclear plants, glass manufacturing plants, and other industrial sites. In 2015, Jay was promoted to Assistant General Manager, which saw him focus more on the day-to-day running of SCT, like ensuring projects are sufficiently staffed and developing and updating customized training courses for clients. In 2016, Jay was promoted to Director of Small Business.

Watch our Small Business Corner Series.

  • Safety Program and Policy Development – oftentimes small business employers are confused as to what OSHA requires and what is superfluous. SCT can help in clearing this up.
  • Lockout Tagout Procedures – SCT assists in developing a company’s lockout tagout procedures, as they are required by OSHA and need to be developed for every machine.
  • Safety audits – A wall-to-wall audit of your facility pinpoints safety deficiencies and gets you back into compliance.
  • Written report – All of SCT’s safety audits come with a written, customized report, filled with recommendations and photos.
  •  Industrial hygiene – IH sampling can be conducted for hundreds of contaminants if air quality is concerned, silica, respirable dust, and heavy metals are common contaminants of concern.
  • OSHA Consultation – In the event that OSHA arrives on site, SCT will walk you through the proper protocol. SCT can also assist in abating OSHA citations.
  • Recordkeeping and OSHA 300 log assistance – SCT can clear up any recordkeeping and OSHA 300 log questions, or explaining when you must report injuries to OSHA
  • Most importantly, we provide customized, face-to-face interaction from a local business.