On September 23, 2017, OSHA began enforcement of the new respirable crystalline silica standard for the construction industry. The standard became effective June 23, 2016. SCT’s team of experts boasts decades of experience keeping workers safe from the harmful effects of silica.

Know the facts:

SCT is here to train your employees, complete all your respiratory fit testing, and help keep you compliant!

2 Hour Awareness Training

-Reviews new standard

-Explains health hazards of silica exposure

-Identifies common tasks that create silica exposure

-Covers implementation of Table 1

-Describes common control measures

-Provides description of medical surveillance program

8 Hour Competent Person Training

-Provides in-depth review of new standard

-Gives detailed descriptions of what tasks could have silica exposures

-Describes common controls used in Table 1 and how to build your own objective data table

-Enables attendees to identify specific protective measures; engineering controls; work practices; and respirators to be used

-Builds core-competencies needed to develop written exposure control plans as required by the standard

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