SCT VP Delivers Training at Conference on Glass Problems

Dragan Savic, SCT Vice President of Glass Technology and Safety Staff Augmentation, spent the first day of the 78th Annual Conference on Glass Problems in the classroom delivering a safety training short course.

His presentation, “Exploring the Safety Landscape of Silica, Confined Space and Hexavalent Chromium in the Glass Industry,” focused on the serious health consequences for workers, as well as any and all updated/new regulatory guidelines on the three content areas. Mr. Savic will also wrap up the Conference on Glass Problems by presenting at the GMIC Symposium on November 9th.

The majority of SCT’s traveling Occupational Safety and Health Technicians, who are directed by Mr. Savic, work within the Glass Manufacturing Industry as safety leaders and managers on glass furnace demolition and rebuild projects. With personnel on the front lines of glass projects, SCT’s safety experts regularly abate hazard exposures, and that includes those relating to silica, confined space, and hexavalent chromium.

Trainings, like Mr. Savic’s, are crucial for supervisors and workers within the glass manufacturing industry to receive, understand and share this important safety information.

We’ve written extensively about the importance of silica training before and have updated training courses that comply with OSHA’s 2016 new final rule. If it isn’t already, silica should be a major priority for all involved in any aspect of the construction sector and general industry going into 2018.

The confined space standard, which was updated a couple years back, covers another critical hazardous safety area in which employers need to be up to date on all relevant training. At SCT, we have both an in-house hands-on training facility and a mobile training simulator that prepares students with a rigorous practical curriculum on confined space and fall protection.

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