SCT Experts Host Monthly Safety Webinar

SCT Vice President Nick Walters and Regional Director Tom Bielema have partnered with the Illinois Chamber of Commerce to host a safety webinar each month.

The webinars, which are available on the Chamber’s website, provide recertification credits for HR professionals, attorneys, CPAs and payroll professionals. SCT will host a number of webinars throughout the year, but here are the next two on the schedule.

May 15th at 10:30AM-12PM CST: Lockout/Tagout & Machine Guarding

Lockout/Tagout & Machine Guarding can be your best friend if used properly, or your worst nightmare if ignored. These complex standards cover almost every machine used in general industry. This webinar will help simplify these complexities and realize that these issues can be fixed by knowing what to look for.

June 19th at 10:30AM-12PM CST: Personal Protective Equipment & Respirators

Although PPE is the least effective way to protect your employees from a hazard, sometimes it is the only way. Respirator and PPE deficiencies are very common in all industries and consistently rank in OSHA’s Top 10 Most Violated Standards. This webinar will teach you why PPE is important, and how to create a culture where PPE always comes first.

If you can’t make the scheduled times to watch the webinars live, never fear! Every webinar is recorded for later playback and is available for purchase from the Chamber.