SCT Chicago Office welcomes Tom Bielema

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — SCT’s new Chicago Office is proud to welcome former Peoria, Illinois, OSHA Area Director Tom Bielema to the SCT team. As SCT Regional Director, Mr. Bielema will assist in development and implementation of comprehensive safety and health solutions to a wide variety of clientele.

Tom Bielema, SCT Regional Director

Mr. Bielema began his career in occupational safety and health in 1994 as a student intern with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). After graduating from Purdue University, he joined OSHA full time in the Peoria Area Office in Peoria, Illinois where he spent the next 12 years as a Compliance Safety and Health Officer.

SCT Senior Vice President Rob Medlock said the hiring is a great opportunity for both Mr. Bielema and SCT.

“I’ve known Tom for many years. He’s a very down-to-earth and smart guy, who has the ability to cut through tough problems and simplify complex issues,” Mr. Medlock said. “Tom will be able to serve our clients well and obtain favorable resolutions to safety questions and conundrums.”

Mr. Medlock worked with Mr. Bielema when the former served as Director of the Cleveland Area OSHA Office.

During his tenure at OSHA, Mr. Bielema monitored safety in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, service, transportation, alternative energy, agriculture, grain handling, meat packing, health care, and numerous types of light, commercial, and heavy construction.

Mr. Bielema left government service in 2006 to serve as safety and heath manager for a large logistics and parts distribution center. This move to the private sector gave him a new skill set for understanding how to manage and direct safety in a variety of scenarios, including managing a multi-shift team, performing weekly training classes for new hires, medical/injury management, and motivating workers to embrace safety.

Mr. Bielema joins VP of Safety Engineering Services Nick Walters at SCT’s new Chicago office, though Mr. Bielema will be primarily operating out of a satellite office in the Peoria area. This expansion into Illinois is significant as SCT expands our safety footprint across the Midwest and provides access to our premier occupational safety and health solutions.

In 2007 Mr. Bielema returned to OSHA to serve as Assistant Area Director in the Peoria Office. He became Area Director of the Peoria OSHA Office in 2010 and served in that position until joining SCT in late February 2017. During his management service at OSHA, Mr. Bielema lead a team of highly skilled professionals in the 81 counties of Central and Southern Illinois.

Using his OSHA expertise, Mr. Bielema also joins Mr. Medlock and Mr. Walters on staff for expert witness services. With our staff’s extensive OSHA and safety background, SCT is uniquely poised to offer expert witness services to clients seeking assistance with OSHA compliance and inspections.