Reports To:  Senior Vice President

Salary Range: $40,000 – $70,000, Benefits

Contact: Pam Carr, HR Manager,

Major Function:
Assist the senior occupational safety and health staff with expert witness preparation work. This involves being responsible for researching cases, reviewing and summarizing documents, and depositions, leading investigative teams and drafting reports. This position also requires researching and testifying to the Industrial Commission on Handicap Reimbursements for workers’ compensation cases.

Areas of Responsibility:
Under the Supervision of the Senior Vice President, the Research & Field Analyst is responsible for the following:

  • Internal, (vice presidents) and External, (clients), Customer relations;
  • Written and verbal Communications;
  • Documents review.

Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:
The ideal candidate will have the following skills and experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in safety, industrial hygiene, or science-related field. Specialized training in hazard identification, evaluation and control preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience coordinating safety programs and training in either a construction or manufacturing environment. (Preferred 3+ years)
  • Certification as an Associate Safety Professional (ASP) by either the Board of Certified Safety Professionals or the American Industrial Hygiene Association, complemented by at least on-the-job learning or self-study in the other area is a plus.
  • Developed practical understanding of safety and health management, including management systems, risk assessment root cause analysis & accident / incident investigation.
  • Working knowledge of OSHA regulations as well as ANSI, NIOSH, ACGIH, and NFPA standards.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and project management skills. Must be flexible and able to work with diverse groups in a team environment across all shifts for support
  • Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, and Outlook.
  • Successfully demonstrated ability to manage change.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver results through others.
  • Occupational safety and health experience in either general industry or construction.

Essential Functions:

Field Audits

  • Review client procedures to confirm compliance with all applicable laws and regulations (including federal, state, city and/or county) for the audited plant/job site location.
  • Obtain, organize and distribute information to be given to plant personnel, safety auditors, Senior staff and or attorney;
  • If not already in place, develop procedures of stewardship at plant.
  • Assist with ongoing stewardship of plant process, safety, and related programs; be familiar with programs and ensure periodic updates pursuant to applicable laws and regulations.
  • Identify need and draft plans for hazard minimization, reduction, elimination.

Notice of Violation (NOVs) Penalties

  • Check legal authority for issuance of violation.
  • Interview plant personnel and document fact situation surrounding violation.
  • Maintain ongoing record of penalties for reporting purposes.
  •  Review records to determine if violation occurred.

Research Disciplines

  • Track and monitor medical, legal, scientific, and financial journals to analyze trends likely to impact exposure allegations.
  • Monitor proposed state statutes and regulations as they proceed to enactment/adoption; maintain current copies of draft language.
  • Locate and monitor subscription services to compile federal and state laws and regulations for specific industries.
  • Research safety regulations and conduct legislative history searches.
  • Prepare comments to be reviewed by senior staff and attorneys.
  • Retrieve and analyze applicable laws and regulations to assist in preparing reports for trial and or arbitrations and mediations.

Workers’ Compensation

  • Draft and file applications, appeals, bills, letters, affidavits, and motions with Industrial Board (IB) or Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC).
  • Review IB/BWC files to obtain all information concerning claim.
  • Work with client/employer’s actuaries in exercising cost control measures.
  • Correspond with client, physicians and employers about hearing dates, status of claim(s),
  • Monitor utilization review practices.
  • Research claim options; research third-party actions.
  • As necessary and appropriate, conduct medical research.
  • Review procedures for taking case into litigation.
  • Interpret disability schedules and medical treatment parameters.
  • Obtain, review, and maintain information about various legislative and administrative law changes.
  • Perform legal research and assess case law parallels within workers’ compensation that have to do with similar injuries or employers.
  • Investigate claims and interview claimant co-workers and/or witnesses.
  • Obtain, review, and analyze claimant’s medical records.
  • Calculate average weekly wages and benefits.
  • Pursuant to local, state, or federal authority, attend administrative hearings.
  • If appropriate, coordinate arrangements for independent medical examination.
  • Coordinate information and communications among client/employer, physician, insurance adjusters, rehabilitation specialists and expert witnesses.

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