NIOSH Software Helps Protect Emergency Responders

With Hurricane Harvey devastating Texas last month and now Hurricane Irma causing major damage in Florida, thousands of first responders and volunteers have been helping save lives across the region.

To help manage these emergency responders, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has created the ERHMS Info Manager software. Organizations can use the software to implement the Emergency Responder Health Monitoring and Surveillance framework.

This framework is designed to protect emergency responders through pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment activities. In short, the goal of this medical monitoring and surveillance is to identify risks early on in an emergency in order to prevent injuries (both physical and psychological) to emergency responders.

“The nation depends on more than 3 million emergency response workers who are trained and prepared to respond to disasters and other emergencies where they often face hazardous conditions,” NIOSH Director John Howard said in a press release according to Safety and Health Magazine. “ERHMS Info Manager streamlines the important task of response worker health monitoring and surveillance, saving organizations time while ensuring the health and safety of emergency responders.”

With this software, emergency response managers are able to:

  • create profiles for each responder
  • record incidents and map their locations
  • assign responders to specific incidents
  • design forms or surveys, and then analyze the responses

The software streamlines many partsĀ of large-scale emergency response including data collection, analysis, and reporting. According to NIOSH, the program increases the speed and ease of “identifying causes, determining risk factors, and implementing interventions for managers of emergency responders.

The software can be downloaded for free at NIOSH’s website.