Before you can change the world, you have to change yourself!

Our dedicated Safety Team arrived bright and early this morning to learn the ins & outs of our NEW Confined Space Training Simulator.
Here at ‪SCT‬ we believe that before you can change the world, you have to change yourself. In order to bring our clients the best in Educational Occupational Safety, we have to be the Best!
We are not out to just sell a product, we are out there working hard everyday to make sure when our clients go to work in the morning they come home to their families, loved ones and friends every night. We believe in a safer tomorrow.


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Community Service

SCT’s Marketing department is teaming up with Program Coordinator Steve Dockman in Middleburg Heights, Ohio as part of a community outreach program to help sponsor, support and give back to the city in which we work and thrive.
Located at 6993 Pearl Rd in Middleburg Heights, SCT is grateful to the people in our neighborhood who greet us everyday with a smile, who shake our hands when we’re out in the area and have placed their trust in us to be a business who cares about local workers and their families.
“A good job is more than just a paycheck. A good job fosters independence and discipline, and contributes to the health of the community.”
-James H. Douglas, Jr.


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SCT will feature in inaugural NATE Regional Meeting

CLEVELAND, OHIO — SCT will feature in the inaugural NATE Regional Meeting expected to focus on key tower industry safety initiatives.

The National Association of Tower Erectors, of which SCT is a member, says the Midwest Regional Meeting will also offer tremendous networking and professional development opportunities for attendees.

SCT Vice President Jocko Vermillion is scheduled to give a talk about OSHA and the wireless tower industry. Mr. Vermillion is a former federal OSHA compliance officer and tower company owner with more than 20 years of safety experience.


“The NATE Regional Meeting provides a great avenue for the Association enhance our presence in the Midwest and highlight the prominent role the Association is playing in terms of improving safety and quality in the wireless industry,” Pat Miller, NATE Member Services Committee Chairwoman, said in a press release. Miller is from EasTex Tower, Inc., in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Aside from Mr. Vermillion, the NATE Midwest Regional Meeting will feature a NATE safety presentation by Steve Wilder, President and COO of CITCA LLC; and a National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) update from Jim Tracy, CEO of Legacy Telecommunications, Inc., according to the release.

Additional information is available on NATE’s website,

Registration for the NATE Midwest Regional Meeting is $30 per person. The deadline for registration is Friday, September 4, 2015. Again, see the website for further details.

“Our vision is to bridge the gap between NATE’s annual meeting at a regional level to continue upholding, facilitating, and exercising the unified voice for the Association by providing education and networking opportunities that will benefit all stakeholders and companies associated with our industry,” Tommy Lewis, Member Services Committee member from Hayden Tower Service, Inc. in Topeka, Kansas, said in the release.



SCT’s own Vice President of the Construction Safety Services Division, Jocko Vermillion was on location at the New YMCA Downtown location set to open 2016 in the Old Galleria. Mr. Vermillion is a nationally recognized Tower Safety Professional and OSHA expert with over 20 years of experience in safety, consultation and OSHA compliance.
Hired by the great folks at Infinity Construction Group to conduct Site Safety Audits, Jocko is working hard everyday to keep workers safe here in the Cleveland Area.
A special thanks to T.H. Martin Inc. who were working hard during the audit and were more then accommodating to Mr. Vermillion. SCT is always proud to stand side by side with any company that makes the safety of its workers a priority.


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2015 CEA/CISP Golf International

SCT is proud to Sponsor the 2015 CEA/CISP Golf International. Thank you to all the men and women who came out to make this event so wonderful and a special thanks to Tim Linville, Esq. Chief Executive Officer Construction Employers & Westwood Country Club!


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SCT upgrades Confined Space Training

f0f26ec8-bd02-4363-bab1-022fdc9d7359CLEVELAND, OHIO — SCT has gone mobile. SCT recently acquired Confined Space Training Solutions Global (CSTS Global). The acquisition enables SCT to provide state-of-the-art advanced, practical confined space and fall protection training without using an active confined space worksite.

Included in the CSTS acquisition was a 32-foot mobile training trailer. SCT can now drive directly to any site to conduct this training. It will save customers hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in payroll by utilizing this new system of training.

All this training advancement comes just in the knick of time as OSHA rolls out its new confined space standard for constructions, which makes confined space training mandatory.

The increased protections for confined space in the construction industry go into effect August 3, 2015. OSHA’s update to the rule provides construction workers with similar confined space protections currently observed by manufacturing and general industry workers.

The new construction standard does include some industry-specific differences, including requiring multiple employers to share safety information and continuously monitor hazards.

OSHA has estimated the new rule will prevent about 780 serious injures to construction workers each year.

Recently, OSHA issued a memorandum that stated while the effective date of August 3, 2015, is not being changed, OSHA is postponing the full enforcement of the new standard for 60 days until October 2, 2015. This was done after multiple requests expressing needed time to acquire equipment and training.

OSHA will not issue citations to employers who are making good faith efforts to comply with the new standards. However, employers who fail to prove they are taking, or have taken measures, to comply with the new standard are subject to citation. This includes currently training or scheduling training for employees.

This is the time to act. SCT can fulfill the need. SCT has the equipment, personnel and expertise to bring businesses into compliance with the new construction standard.

Call SCT Vice President Jocko Vermillion today at 330-819-6306. Make SCT your partner in workplace safety.

OSHA targets Health Care Industry for enforcement

CLEVELAND, OHIO — Health Care workers at inpatient health care settings, specifically hospitals and nursing/residential care facilities, should expect to see more safety oversight from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as it focuses on safety hazards in the medical profession.

OSHA’s directive extends and expands the recently-concluded National Emphasis Program (NEP) on Nursing and Residential Care Facilities. Results from the Bureau of Labor Statics and OSHA’s own inspection history of the NEP prompted the increased focus on enforcement.

The areas of most concern include:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) related to patient or resident handling
  • Workplace violence
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Tuberculosis
  • Slips, trips and falls

Data collected by BLS in 2013 attributes 44 percent of all reported injuries within hospitals and nursing/residential care facilities as involving overexertion-related incidents. That figure is one-and-a-half times the total MSDs rate for reported injuries in all industries (33 percent).

Anticipation and preparation for inpatient health care facilities is crucial. With OSHA’s announced focus on enforcement, it may be a question of “when” rather than “if” OSHA inspects a facility.

The health care providers need to be proactive about the safety of their employees and their facilities. Make sure all employees have OSHA-compliant safety training. Address the OSHA directive’s main safety concerns by considering the following authorized OSHA courses, which SCT experts are ready to teach:

  • OSHA 2255 Principles of Ergonomics Applied to Work-Related Musculoskeletal & Nerve Disorders
  • OSHA 7200 Bloodborne Pathogens, Exposure Control for Health Care Facilities
  • OSHA 10-Hour Training for the Health Care Industry (includes fall protection)
  • OSHA 7000 Training Guidelines for Safe Patient Handling
  • OSHA 7205 Health Hazard Awareness

SCT has our clients’ backs when it comes to ensuring companies and their employees are capable of performing their jobs efficiently and safely.

As SCT Vice President Jocko Vermillion always says, “The easiest OSHA citation to defend is the one you never get.”

Call the safety experts at SCT at 440-449-6000 / 800-204-1729 to organize your company’s safety program today.

SCT VP Jocko Vermillion featured in AGL Magazine

SCT VP Jocko Vermillion was recently featured in AGL Magazine (Above Ground Level), a tower industry specific trade publication.

In the article titled, “OSHA Seeks Comment on Better Protections for Communications Tower Workers,” Mr. Vermillion, a former OSHA compliance officer and the agency’s national tower expert, said OSHA leaders and tower industry leaders need to renew their partnership in order to attain the level of commitment to safety they want.

A PDF of the article, written by Don Bishop, is below. See the fully May issue of AGL Magazine here:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Ohio BWC Drug Free Safety Deadline Fast Approaching

Private employers have until Friday, May 29, 2015, to complete the Drug Free Safety Program application for the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation before being shut out for the year.

Employers who participate in the DFSP are eligible to receive a BWC premium rebate depending on the program level they choose.

Those selecting the Basic DFSP are eligible for a four-percent (4%) rebate, while those on the Advanced DFSP are eligible for a seven-percent (7%) rebate. Rebates are contingent upon a company satisfying requirements of its program level.

The Occupational Health Department at Safety Controls Technology can customize a Drug-Free Safety plan for your company that aligns with BWC regulations. Gail Grueser, SCT’s Substance Abuse Professional, can walk your company through the application process, develop your policy, train your employees and supervisors, conduct your drug testing and teach you how to maintain your program in-house.

Contact Gail at 440-449-6000 / 800-204-1729 to find out how SCT can help you make your workplace drug free today.

Visit the Ohio BWC website to find out more.