National Preparedness Month: OSHA Planning Resources

national preparedness month

Weather-wise, September is a tough month. Hurricanes are battering our shores in the peak of the season; meanwhile, wildfires continue to blaze in some Western parts of the U.S. This is an ideal season for National Preparedness Month, launched to raise workplace safety awareness regarding natural disasters.


national preparedness month


OSHA designated September as National Preparedness Month, a time dedicated to keeping workers safe from natural disasters. The key to surviving extreme weather events with the best possible outcome is to prepare.

OSHA has made preparation for extreme weather easier, with a webpage offering information on protecting your workforce both before and after an extreme weather event such as a hurricane, flood, tornado or severe winter weather.

PPE for emergencies

One often-overlooked aspect of emergency preparedness is the related PPE (personal protective equipment) a business or organization will need on hand. If you wait until an event is approaching (say a hurricane), you may face PPE shortages.  And if you’re dealing with an event already underway, it’s probably too late to get your hands on the gear you need.

When conducting safety and health training and audits, be sure to keep in mind the necessary PPE that accompanies the plan you’ve put into place. OSHA has a great webpage offering direction for assembling the PPE you need, in the event of an emergency such as an extreme weather event.

The good people at OSHA, and the staff here at SCT, urge businesses and organizations to take some time this month to review the plans you’ve put into place.  If you’d like some help or guidance, reach out to OSHA or give us a call.  We’ll review your plans, including your PPE needs, so you can rest easier knowing your workforce is ready for the next big weather event.

winter storm preparedness