Namaste Safe and Healthy in the Workplace


As a company dedicated to the health of employees all over the US, SCT understands that mental well-being plays a crucial role in worker efficiency and safety.

Stress can have a direct impact on the safety of individuals in the workplace. Job stress can lead to a lack of focus, which can affect a worker’s ability to perform tasks safely, according to Safety and Health Magazine. Plus, the World Health Organization estimates that stress costs American businesses $300 billion dollars per year.

As one of America’s leading Workplace Safety and Health consultants, SCT now offers on-site yoga classes to help reduce stress related injuries.

We also understand the strain of working long shifts or in extreme temperatures, while also constantly staying OSHA compliant and keeping all employees safe. It can be exhausting and can even cause ongoing, chronic health problems.

The benefits of yoga in the workplace are numerous, including increased productivity, reduced employee absenteeism, decreased stress, and improved alertness. Yoga can also aid in healing work- and stress-related physical issues, such as musculoskeletal disorders, back and neck pain, carpal tunnel, aching joints, muscle tightness, headaches and fatigue.

With our yoga classes, anyone can attend. The “I’m not flexible enough” excuse won’t work here! Our program is designed for individuals anywhere on the yoga spectrum, from absolute beginners to those who have years of experience. Classes are focused on brisk movement, stretching, and breathing.

Meet our Yoga Expert:

Jenna BenDaali is an Associate Marketing Professional at Safety Controls Technology. In 2018, she completed her 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification so she could extend her love of helping and teaching others. She regularly teaches at a yoga studio and is excited to share her skills and help keep workers safe on the job.

Interested in incorporating a wellness program in your safety and health program?