May 19 is National Hepatitis Testing Day

The month of May is annually recognized as Hepatitis Awareness Month, with May 19, 2018, designated as National Hepatitis Testing Day in the United States.

According to the CDC more than five million Americans have chronic hepatitis, which is an infection that attacks the liver and in the most serious cases can result in liver cancer or cirrhosis. The most common types are Hepatitis A, B and C.

In the world of OSHA, hepatitis B is usually the biggest concern. About 1,800 people die from Hepatitis B-related liver disease.

Per the Bloodborne Pathogens standard (29 CFR 1910.1030),  any workers who have a reasonable chance of contact with blood or “other potentially infectious materials” during their work duties are required to make a hepatitis B vaccination available at no cost to the employee.

Employers must also create and implement an exposure control plan, while ensuring that workers are properly trained on safe work practices. Workers that are at a higher risk of exposure to hepatitis include those in the healthcare, public safety, and sewage industries.

At SCT, our qualified and trained occupational health experts can prepare your company for all facets of hepatitis hazards. Whether it’s training in proper PPE use, safety program development, administering hepatitis B vaccines, or carrying out hepatitis testing, we have you covered. Plus, our experts can host you at one of our office locations or travel to your worksite with our mobile medical vehicle.

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