SCT’s workplace safety experts perform site and facility OSHA compliance audits to make sure the client is proactively following all current local and federal regulations. These audits and assessments help our experts design customized workplace safety solutions that fit a client’s needs.

SCT provides program development and engineering oversight to verify that any and all engineering processes are being utilized, from the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to company policy development to implementation of rules and regulations. Additionally, our Certified Industrial Hygienists ensure that workers are properly protected with current engineering controls in place to prevent overexposure to hazardous vapors and dust particulates.

Client Benefit

  • SCT protects clients and employees and creates a culture that can sustain an OSHA visit of any kind
  • SCT acts as a “second pair of eyes,” ensuring all regulations are being followed and protecting our client’s bottom line

What Can We Do For Your Business?

-Safety and Loss Prevention
-OSHA Compliance
-Environmental Testing and Monitoring
-Written Programs
-Program Assessment and Implementation
-Gap Analysis
-Site-Specific Safety Programs
-Safety Oversight
-Expert Witness
-Onsite and Traditional Classroom Training