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SCT’s goal in Occupational Health is to foster a healthy workforce through a healthy working environment. SCT’s methods include educating employers in drug free work place protocols in order to minimize the potential for drug-related injuries, insurance claims and/or lawsuits. Elimination of worker’s exposure to hazardous chemicals and particulates is a major facet of SCT’s policy development. Random drug screening ensure a drug free environment for existing employees and new hires. SCT’s goal is to protect workers general health including everything from overexposure to potential noise hazards exceeding OSHA allowed decibel (dB) limit.

Client Benefit

  • By ensuring a drug free environment, SCT works with clients to eliminate the potential for injuries and OSHA citations
  • Assists companies in adhering to OSHA rules & regulations
  • Drug free workplace programs give employers the ability to hire the right person for the right job, improving the potential for longer term employee retention

What We Provide

-OSHA Medical Surveillance Clearance
-Respiratory Fit Testing
-Audiometric (Hearing Testing)

-Mobile On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing
-DFSP program/policy development
-First Aid/CPR/AED Training certified by the American Red Cross
-DATIA Accredited Drug Testing Collection Facility

-Required for Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers
-Exams performed by FMCSA recognized nurse practitioner
-Valid for up to 12 months

-Flu shot vaccination
-Hepatitis B vaccination
-Tuberculosis test

SCT drug collections and first aid classes are accredited through the following: