Former Regional Administrator for OSHA takes job with SCT

Middleburg Heights, Ohio – Safety Controls Technology (SCT), one of the nation’s premier occupational safety and health providers, is expanding its footprint to the Windy City with the hiring of a former Regional Administrator for OSHA.

Nick Walters, CHST

Nick Walters will serve as Vice President of Safety Engineering Services for SCT. In that role, he will join a staff of professionals providing high level occupational safety and health expert witness services. Mr. Walters will be based in Chicago, further establishing SCT’s safety presence across the country and, in particular, the Midwest.

“Nick brings a whole new dimension to SCT’s expert witness service,” said Joe Ventura, General Manager at SCT. “His years of service at OSHA as a Regional Administrator provides SCT with insight into the agency that will benefit our clients directly.”

In the last 25 years Mr. Walters worked his way up the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hierarchy from a Compliance Officer to one of 10 Regional Administrators in the nation. Being a first-hand witness to tragedies that resulted in fatalities and serious injuries, and talking with the family members left behind after a failure of safety, engrained in him the importance of safety and health in the workplace.

Mr. Walters joins a former OSHA colleague, Rob Medlock, at SCT. Mr. Medlock, SCT’s Senior Vice President, served as the OSHA Area Director for the Cleveland Office for 20 years before joining SCT in 2011.

“In my role with OSHA as the Region Administrator in Chicago, I had the privilege of working closely with Joe Ventura and Rob Medlock from SCT on a number of projects,” Mr. Walters said. “I chose SCT because I believe that they are engaged in the safety and health field for all of the right reasons.

“I have always been impressed with their high level of professionalism and the quality of the work that they perform. At the end of the day, I want to work with people that I can trust – people that I know are doing everything they can to promote safety and health in the workplace.”

The addition of Mr. Walters caps a year of exceptional growth for SCT. Named one of 2016’s fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio by Weatherhead 100, SCT recently saw its Occupational Health division nearly double with the acquisition of Amherst-based safety company Amerisafe. Walters, who has a nationally respected reputation in safety and health and who is a former Regional Administrator for OSHA, is a significant addition to SCT’s staff.

Going into 2017, Mr. Walters said one of the greatest challenges facing private business in the arena of occupational safety and health is the transient nature of the workforce. While with OSHA he saw first-hand how employers use temporary recruiting agencies to fulfill staffing needs.

“Variations in production and seasonal demands make these temporary employment situations an economical option for many employers,” Mr. Walters said. “The challenge for companies is ensuring that they have the systems in place to properly train an influx of new workers and provide them with the necessary tools to perform their jobs in a safe manner.

“Unfortunately, I have seen numerous cases where this did not happen and workers were killed or severely injured in the first day, week, or month on the job.”

SCT is excited to have Nick Walters joining the team. With his help, SCT will continue to expand its services and provide the best comprehensive occupational safety and health services to companies and organizations across the United States. For more information please contact SCT Marketing Manager Elizabeth Lundblad at 440-449-6000 or View Nick Walters’ biography on SCT’s Our Team page.