Earthquake Hits Cleveland – Is Your Workplace Prepared?

The Cleveland area – where SCT’s corporate headquarters is located – experienced a 4.0 earthquake on June 10. Luckily, there have been no reports of injuries or damage.

If a stronger earthquake were to hit your workplace, would you be prepared? Make sure earthquake preparedness is a part of your Emergency Action Plan, or EAP. OSHA has a number of valuable resources to help you prepare for an earthquake so that your employees and business are as safe as can be:

  • Pick “safe places” to go to when an earthquake hits. These can be under a sturdy table or desk, or against an interior wall away from windows or tall furniture.
  • Practice drop, cover, and hold-on in each safe place at least twice a year so they become an automatic response.
  • Protect your eyes by keeping your head down.
  • Make a plan ahead of time for workers to follow in the event of an earthquake
  • Wait in your safe place until the shaking stops, then check to see if you are hurt. Move carefully and be prepared for aftershocks.
  • Look out for fires, which is the most common earthquake-related hazard.
  • If you must leave a building after a the shaking stops, use stairs instead of an elevator.
  • If you are outside when an earthquake hits, stay outside. Move away from buildings, trees, or overhead lines. Crouch down and cover your head. Many injuries happen within ten feet of the entrance to buildings due to falling bricks, roofing or other materials.
  • Before an earthquake hits, conduct proper training. Learn First Aid and how to use your workplace’s fire extinguishers.

An overall EAP is also a critical piece of any successful Workplace Safety Management System.  The workplace safety experts at SCT can help you develop an Emergency Action Plan that is customized to your workplace. It will provide protection for your employees and bring you in compliance with related OSHA regulations. Call us at 400-449-6000 or complete the contact form below.