March Madness

Hello and welcome back! With the NCAA basketball tournament right around the corner, it only seems fitting that SCT is experiencing a March Madness of our own. Call it Glass Madness.

This month SCT has safety technicians in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, California and Indiana working on glass furnace rebuild projects. In fact, SCT is the single largest provider of safety technicians in the glass manufacturing industry.

Below are some photographs of glass furnace rebuilds. Odds are that your ketchup container, beer bottle, or pickle jar came from one of the facilities. Remember that SCT can staff your next construction project with safety technicians, and as always, be safe and healthy!

Glass Furnace Demolition/Rebuild

Some of the following images show a Furnace Demolition, Furnace Rebuild, a Newly Rebuilt Furnace, and a Heated Glass Furnace.