4th Day of Employee Recognition #Safetember

‎SCT‬’s Vice President of Construction, Mr. Jocko Vermillion


In Mr. Vermillion’s Own Words: “Why I love ‪SCT‬”
I am glad to be part of SCT’s growing safety group of professionals who focus on the concerns of their clients and not personal agendas.
Every employee is an integral part of SCT; each willing to do what they can to assist a colleague ensuring SCT provides the highest quality of service to all clients, not just their own. SCT does this better than any company I know.
The willingness to work the extra mile for the client is why I enjoy my work at SCT. Every day there is new challenge, and someone is always there to help the client no matter what.
I like to say SCT makes safety happen. When safety is a priority, employees and employers have better lives.

jocko working in parking lot

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